Friday, June 8th

Arcadia Creek Festival Place Downtown Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Pride 2018 Drag Pageant Director Caj Monet is happy to announce that the following queens and kings will be performing at this year’s Pride Drag Pageant:
  • Nomi d’Shire
  • Candy Gloss Contour
  • Monique Madison
  • Aaliyah Tealheart
  • Virus
  • Ricky J.
  • Irita B. Syndrome


Big shout out to Asio Aviance on a successful year reigning and to DRUE Salon for being our exclusive Crown Sponsor!


Contestants must have reached their 18th birthday and be able to supply a valid government-issued I.D. at registration. Anyone is eligible to compete within the continental United States. This includes persons with silicone, on hormones, national titleholders, and local professional and amateur. All decisions on eligibility are final and will be determined by OutFront Kalamazoo. Former winners are NOT allowed to compete.

All contestants must be present and on time to registration on June 8, 2018 at 7pm at Arcadia Creek Festival Site. Any contestant late to registration will automatically lose 10 administration points. OutFront Kalamazoo reserves the right to deduct additional points for excessive lateness.

Completed application along with the $25 entry fee must be paid to OutFront Kalamazoo by June 4th at 5pm.

There is no dresser or dancer fee. Dancers and dresser must also have valid I.D.

We will only be accepting eight contestants this year, unless otherwise notified. If you choose to enter and all the spots are full you will be put on a waiting list.

You will be given a tag for reach dresser and dancer and they must have one on to enter the dressing room. You are limited to only TWO dancers due to there not being enough space to accommodate everyone. The dressing room area is ONLY for contestants and dressers, at all times. This rule will be enforced. Only one dresser is allowed per contestant. No switching name tags. Any violation of these rules could or will result in a loss of administrative points deemed by OutFront Kalamazoo.

Music must be turned in on the day of the pageant at registration on an unscratched CD in a case with your name clearly labeled on it with only your talent track on it. CD-RW’s, phones, and ash drives will not be accepted.

The crown/scepter are the property of OutFront Kalamazoo until you have completed your reign. In the unfortunate event that your title is revoked, the crown/scepter must be surrendered in its original condition within 48 hours as well as the $500 prize money. The first alternate will take the reign unless otherwise specified.

The requirements for this title are as follows: reign with professionalism and integrity throughout the year, participate in the Kalamazoo Pre-Pride events, including the Kalamazoo Pride oat at the Do-Dah Parade, promote the pageant and hand down your title the following year. These requirements MUST be followed or it will result in revocation of your title and prize money.

Everyone will conduct themselves in a professional manner. OutFront Kalamazoo WILL NOT TOLERATE drugs, over-intoxication, theft or drama from any contestant, backup dancer and/or dresser. If you are involved in drama or over-intoxication, you may be removed from the pageant that year or indefinitely. Also, if you are caught with illegal substances, stealing or generating viciousness towards any other contestant, you may not only be removed from the pageant but banned from ALL future events and pageants.

OutFront Kalamazoo reserves the right to refuse any application.


Presentation: This is the first category and your first impression to the audience and judges. The theme is TIME TRAVEL: GO TO A TIME WHEN PRIDE WAS FELT. Could be anything that liberated a race, generation, or gender, etc. There
will be music provided for this category as you will be coming out during the reigning queen’s opening number. Details will be explained at registration.

Talent: This category is open to anything you would like to perform. However, you are limited to 5 minutes but you do not have to use the whole time. You will also be given 1 minute to set up props and tear down. If you use no props, you use no additional time. No water, re, glitter, substances, paper, or live animal acts will be allowed unless specifically approved ahead of time by OutFront Kalamazoo. If you are approved to use any of the aforementioned props, the stage should be cleaned within the one minute time frame you are allotted. Please note: If the stage is not clean and hinders the next contestants act, you will lose administration points. Talent must be family appropriate as pride is a family event. If you have any questions or inquiries, you may contact the OutFront Kalamazoo Pride Pageant Show Director, Caj Monet, at [email protected] Due to limited space, contestants are only allowed 2 back up dancers.


Miss/Mr. Kalamazoo Pride: Crown or Scepter and $500 cash First alternate: $100 cash prize